PMP342: Never Stop Learning with Dr. Nick Davies

Will Parker and guest Dr. Nick Davies discuss what it means to never stop learning and the lessons learned from unending learning.

Dr. Nick Davies, Ph.D., is an elementary associate principal for Vancouver Public Schools and an adjunct Faculty Member at Pacific University. He has a Ph.D. in Education and Leadership and wrote his dissertation on Curriculum Implementation. Nick has previously held roles as a high school associate principal/athletic director and was a high school math teacher and head track and field coach. He was a two-time state track and field coach of the year in Oregon. Nick also served as a reservist in the U.S. Coast Guard and currently serves on the Emerging Professionals Board at the Blanchet House, which supports people experiencing homelessness.

Nick’s district serves more than 21,000 students. He splits his day between two campuses as Associate Principal. His district is committed to building student engagement in learning, and he shares some of the innovative ways they are doing that with new programs, including an emphasis on inclusion in learning with special education students. The district is opening two new schools.

In his own research in leadership, Nick has been engaging education leaders in conversations that he shares in weekly posts on LinkedIn, and in a short weekly podcast called “Mondays Mornings with Dr. Nick: Authentic Leadership in Action”. You can find it here.

Through these conversations with more than 50 leaders, Nick has learned several meaningful lessons, including:

  • Reimagining What Success Means
  • Investing in Your Own Learning
  • Looking for Opportunities
  • Adding Value to Others
  • Aligning Your Values, Goals and Passions
  • Taking Action

As Nick explains, Serve must be at the center of all you do. Leave no one behind. Without students and learning communities, we have no mission as school leaders.

Listen-in to the entire episode for examples and takeaways!

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Nick and Will are both presenting at the Ignite Conference with the National Association of Secondary School Principals in Denver, Colorado, July 12-15, 2023. Please let them know if you are attending! Find out more or register here.

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker