PMP347: Becoming Better Leaders with Robyn Hamasaki

Will Parker and guest Robyn Hamasaki discuss ways that school principals can be better leaders to their school communities in this week's episode of the PMP.

Robyn Hamasaki is the Managing Director of Leadership Development with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). Previously, she served as School Leadership Development Specialist for the Colorado Department of Education, where she developed the state’s first Principal’s Leadership Institute. She is a former principal at the elementary and PK-8 levels, and was a teacher for middle and high school students. Robyn also retired as Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, where she served for 32 years. 

Join Robyn and me with school leaders from across the nation for the NASSP Ignite Conference, July 12-15, 2023, where I will be leading a session on Pause. Breathe. Flourish: Living Your Best Life as an Educator. Register here.

Listen-in to the entire conversations for more amazing takeaways! Here is a short summary of what we discuss:

NASSP and Ignite – what leaders can expect and benefits of attending:

Four Strands at the Conference include:

  1. Building Leadership Capacity
  2. School Culture & Climate
  3. Student Engagement & Motivation
  4. Whole School Wellness

Keynote speakers include: Principal EL, Jimmy Casas, Gerry Brooks, Robyn Jackson and Elena Aguilar

Robyn’s school leadership story and lessons that may help new leaders:

Building relationships comes first. Distributive leadership means believing in your people and trusting them with a clear vision for accomplishing goals together.

Coaching/mentoring tips Robyn learned while developing programs for leaders:

Your job is not to ‘fix’ people or problems. Your job is to empower others toward solutions. Asking questions is key to helping others discover their solutions. Paraphrasing and clarifying questions allows them to see the solutions that are already in their own thinking or within their grasp.

History in leadership in the military and how it’s influenced her work/life:

Both education and the military have this in common: serving others.“LDRSHIP” represents seven core values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

How to stay connected with Robyn Hamasaki:

NASSP s website:



Listen in for more takeaways!

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William D. Parker